Deep down I am so sensitive. I am the type of person who notices everything and forgets nothing. I feel deeply, and sometimes the silliest things can affect me. I easily brought to laughter or tears, I don’t show how fragile I am, I instead show people how insightful I can be. I am good at anticipating what’s going to happen in my life. I like to over think everything and anything. I like to get to the deeper meaning of things. I don’t show to the world how unsure I am about everything. I might figuring things out, but I still confident. I always looking to make a good impression and to do the right things. Because I believe that my actions will make difference in others people’s live, no matter how large or small they are. I don’t want to show how worried and upset I am. I see lot of misery and injustice that I keep in myself. I am devoted being the best person;

My life is a puzzle, and I like playing with the pieces until they fit together. -MariaM



About mariamorena91

MariahTheBlogger. Jr. Style-Life Blogger. Anything Under the sun. Filipina

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