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Love and Inspiration : Him

” Love is the most powerful “, there’s a man that I really like and I almost fall in love to him, but there’s a lot of reason not to like or love him. Because it is a mistakes and I know it, but why when the heart start to feel it doesn’t care even it is wrong. I’m afraid to repeat the mistakes I’ve made before, the feeling that I felt then. I know to myself that I learned from it, but why I feel the same like before. I am trying to control my feelings and trying to think first before anything else. Because as much as possible I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, I don’t want to be the reason of hatred and I don’t want to hear again the most painful words that I heard before. Sometimes I need to accept that love is not all about my own happiness, love should not be the reason to hurt others feelings just for the sake of mine.

I’m still a believer of destiny, if we are meant to be it will happen, maybe not now but it might be in the right time. Because my love story is not yet finish.

I’m just thankful that he is one of the reason why I’m happy and inspired. He knows. We both know.



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