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Deep down I am so sensitive. I am the type of person who notices everything and forgets nothing. I feel deeply, and sometimes the silliest things can affect me. I easily brought to laughter or tears, I don’t show how fragile I am, I instead show people how insightful I can be. I am good at anticipating what’s going to happen in my life. I like to over think everything and anything. I like to get to the deeper meaning of things. I don’t show to the world how unsure I am about everything. I might figuring things out, but I still confident. I always looking to make a good impression and to do the right things. Because I believe that my actions will make difference in others people’s live, no matter how large or small they are. I don’t want to show how worried and upset I am. I see lot of misery and injustice that I keep in myself. I am devoted being the best person;

My life is a puzzle, and I like playing with the pieces until they fit together. -MariaM



  • I am comfortable and proud to say that I am single by choice since teenager days up to now, it is true that being single at 20s really isn’t so bad. I am not a man hater or any bad issue about men I do hope to have a relationship soon some other time or, later because every women dream to have it in life. But before I ask someone to know my whole life I want first to know myself too. I want to love myself first so that when the time will come I am ready to love someone, as much as I love myself. Being single at my age allows me to discover who I am as a person and I would not trade it for anything no matter what. Here is the list why being single isn’t bad at all:


    YES! Freedom, all of us have it but people who really enjoy the most is single people., being single you can do whatever you want, you can go to any place, go to any university or colleges, you can apply a job abroad. Anything you want to choose, no worries about schedule, with out the needs of consediring someone opinions. “SINGLE IS ALWAYS THE BOSS”


    This is your chance to know more about what you really want in life, in your future life. Learning who you are is like learning what you want and love to enjoy without depending to others or anyone else opinion. Because even your close friends they can’t tell you who you really are. Being single is a chance for yourself to prepare for someone in the future.


    Independent.. Being single you can stand on your own. You can do anything for yourself. You can take care yourself. Being single is like brave person that can face anything without depending others.


    Most of the singles at the age of 20s are career motivated, and this is a good thing for you in the near future . I’m not saying that when you are in a relationship you can’t do the thing, but there’s always differences. I, myself.. Career is one of the important as a foundation being a person in a society that’s why,. while you are single just enjoy and be more enthusiastic to what career you have till the rest of your life.


    Being a single at 20s can help to lift up or gain self confidence, it allow you to be more productive and develops your skills and your ambitions. It also allow you to be physical and emotional ease into many life changes. I know that healthy relationships can bring confidence too. but I also think that being single can do the same. Take the time to know your best in you.


    As a single, when you are at the age of 20s your taste in a man is not the same when you experienced a crush in your teenage days. At this level we are looking for a husband material, so the option is still wide, and being single you can have the time to look and choose who will love you and you will love too for the rest of your life. To accept an option it doesn’t mean go and get the perfect guy because in the reality it didn’t exist, just find the right one for you. Don’t date just to say so or pass the time. You should believe what you really love. You should consider what you really love.

    Being single is happy but we need someone that will love us and inspire us. But as I said before love yourself first, know yourself so that you are capable to love someone purely. Always remember there’s no one on earth wants to be single at all. There’s always a right time and a right place for everything.




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